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If you’re craving clear vision, but you’re tired of juggling one or more pairs of glasses, then contact lenses may provide the solution you need! Our optometrists can walk you through our detailed exam and fitting process to help find the right contacts for you.

Please book your contact lens exam today and find spectacular solutions for your vision, without the spectacles.

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Getting Your Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can help you achieve clear vision without wearing or maintaining traditional eyewear. They can be a great option if you live an active lifestyle or if you continuously need to be swapping frames to have clear vision.

However, contact lenses aren’t for everyone. Depending on the health and condition of your eyes, you may not be able to wear contact lenses. With an eye exam, we can help determine if you’re able to wear contacts and what types would be the best match for you!

Eye exams are the first step towards finding out if you’re able to wear contact lenses. There are a variety of factors that could prevent you from wearing contact lenses. Some of them include:

We use a variety of tools to help determine your prescription and any eye conditions, including:

Once we determine the quality of your vision and eye health, we’ll match you with contacts that will suit your needs best.

We’ll take detailed measurements of your eye’s shape and size so we can determine the size of contacts you may need.

Once we determine the size and type of contacts you need, we’ll give you a trial pair. The trial period may only take a few minutes, but sometimes we may recommend wearing the contacts for a few weeks to help ensure they’re comfortable and working properly.

Specialty Contact Lenses

Scleral lenses have a larger diameter than traditional contacts to allow them to sit on the sclera (whites) of your eyes. This size allows the contact lens to “vault” over your cornea, making them a great choice for patients who have cornea problems.

Ortho-k (orthokeratology) contact lenses are a special type of contact lens designed to reshape your cornea while you sleep. By reshaping your cornea, you could enjoy clear, crisp vision throughout the day without glasses or contact lenses. Ortho-k contacts are often prescribed to children with myopia.

Aspheric contact lenses are specialty lenses that help correct issues of spherical aberration.

When light passes through a curved surface, like your cornea or crystalline lens, it passes through different degrees of spherical aberration. Your eye already has natural spherical aberrations, but as you grow older, the crystalline lens’s spherical aberrations can change and cause blurry vision. Aspheric contact lenses can help mitigate these issues.

Toric contacts are specialty lenses that can help wearers who struggle with astigmatism. Toric contacts are built with a certain weight and shape to help prevent the lenses from rotating on your eyes when you blink.

Multifocal contact lenses have multiple prescriptions to help wearers achieve clear vision at a variety of distances.

Transition contact lenses take the incredible technology found in Transition glasses and apply it to contact lenses, providing you with clear vision in different lights.

Lenslets within the lens give clear distance vision and increase peripheral blur. Great for children with astigmatism. Must be worn 12 hrs/day.

MiSight contact lenses are a specialty contact lens children can wear to help manage the development of myopia. Studies have shown that MiSight contacts can slow how much your eyes are growing in its axial length, a contributing factor in myopia. Must be worn 10 hrs/day, 5 days a week minimum.

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